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1)Professional manufacturer more than 10 years.

2)High quality products with reasonable price.

3)More than half of our products are exported and enjoy a good reputation.

3)Material of our products is high strength alloy steel, making our products with better wear life.

4)Years-experienced technicians to ensure the quality in process.

5) Skilled warehouse workers will pack the products properly for exportation.

6) Professional salesmen will arrange the shipment and prepare clearing documents as you need.

7)Warranty period as long as 12 months.

8)Our spare parts covering almost full range brands

9)Supply OEM & Customized service

10)Trial order with small qtys are acceptable

Contact Us

QQ: 13957476951

Phone: 0086-13957476951

Tel: 0086-574-88050232


Addr: YinGong Intelligent Industrial Zone, JiangShan Town, YinZhou District, Ningbo City , China.

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